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Silk, Steel and Water #478

Lake Henshaw, United States

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 Photographer Steve Hoffmann.

CAMERA: | LENS: | APERTURE: f/16 | SHUTTER SPEED: 1/4s | ISO: 100 | METERING: spot | SHOOTING MODES: manual metering & focus | SUPPORT: tripod | WORKFLOW: | CATEGORIES: All, digital SLR photo, macro close-ups, new photos, people, places & things |

PHOTOGRAPHER'S COMMENTS: I like the multiple juxtapositions in this photograph. The barbed wire is usually meant to keep things out, while the spider's web is certainly meant to keep things in. Silk and steel both have extremely high tensile strengths. The water making up the dew drops is a primary building block of life for the spider and its prey. However, water hastens the oxidation process that will ultimately destroy the steel fence wire.

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